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What is a complete smile makeover?

A complete smile makeover is a dental treatment process for patients with multiple cosmetic issues that are affecting their smiles. The process often involves a single treatment or multiple treatments to reach the patient’s goals and improve self-confidence.

Your smile is beautiful whether or not it’s perfectly straight, white, or flawless. What matters is how you feel about it. If you’re unhappy with your smile due to discoloration, gaps, or some other issue, our smile makeover dentists can create a treatment plan to help you regain your smile confidence.

What issues does a dental makeover address?

When it comes to strategic smile design, a smile makeover aims to correct any cosmetic issues that are making the patient dissatisfied with their smile. The most common issues we correct during the process are: Tooth discoloration, Alignment issues, Tooth gaps, Chipped or cracked teeth, Missing teeth, Gummy smiles

Smile makeover
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How is a smile makeover done?

Your smile makeover dentist will work with you to evaluate your specific goals and vision for your smile. Often, the most common dental treatments included in a smile makeover plan include:

• Teeth whitening to address yellow or discolored teeth

• Veneers or cosmetic bonding to lengthen teeth or repair chipped teeth

• Invisalign to realign crooked teeth, correct crowding, or close gaps

• Botox to correct smile lines and wrinkles

A complete smile makeover at our office is first and foremost focused on your overall oral health. We take a cohesive approach, making sure we’re building your smile on a strong foundation. We also ensure your teeth makeover treatment will balance and bring harmony to the structure of your face overall.

What can I do to maintain my smile makeover results?

It’s always important to maintain good oral hygiene and avoid future damage. Regular oral care should include:

• Brushing twice per day

• Flossing daily

• Dental cleanings twice per year

• Avoiding smoking, tooth grinding, and nail biting

With some treatments, occasional maintenance will be required. For example, your teeth may need to be re-whitened periodically, depending whether you drink a lot of dark liquids. Veneers, crowns, and cosmetic bonding may also need repair after several years. Our office offers a lifetime warranty on our work

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