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Dental Crowns

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Quality crowns, made to last

At The Town Dentist, serving both Paramus and Englewood, NJ, we specialize in providing high-quality dental crowns that are as durable as they are beautiful. Our approach to dental crowns is centered around using modern, biocompatible materials like porcelain, ensuring that your tooth crown not only functions optimally but also enhances your smile.

When you visit us for a dental crown, you’re choosing a solution that’s made to last. Whether it’s to restore a tooth after a root canal, repair a large cavity, or as the final step of an implant, our crowns are designed to protect and strengthen your teeth. Our expertise in crafting these crowns ensures that each one is a perfect blend of durability and aesthetics, keeping your smile both healthy and natural-looking.

Our process is streamlined and patient-focused. We employ 3D imaging for taking precise impressions, which means your dental mold is more accurate than ever before. This mold is then professionally milled by a local lab, ensuring that your crown is tailored specifically for you. While you wait for your final restoration, we’ll place a temporary crown to protect your tooth.

At The Town Dentist, we don’t just provide dental crowns; we offer a complete experience that prioritizes your comfort and satisfaction. Our team ensures that the process of fitting and placing your crown is seamless, guaranteeing a perfect fit that feels natural in your mouth. This attention to detail and commitment to quality is what sets us apart.

Our patients in Paramus and Englewood, NJ, often express their satisfaction with the results – not just in terms of the function of their dental crowns but also how these restorations enhance their overall appearance. They appreciate the personal care and expertise that goes into creating each dental crown, and this trust is something we value deeply.

Choose The Town Dentist for your dental crown needs, and experience the difference of a team that puts your oral health and aesthetics at the forefront. With us, you can be confident that your smile is in skilled hands.

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We offer safe, biocompatible porcelain crowns.


Your crown is expertly crafted for your smile.

Made for you

Your crown is expertly crafted for your smile.


Our tooth-colored crowns keep your smile looking natural.

Our approach to dental crowns

Thanks to advancements in technology and materials, getting a dental crown is easy:

• 3D imaging makes taking impressions much more accurate

• Your digital mold is professionally milled by a local lab

• We’ll place a temporary crown while you wait for the final restoration

• When it’s ready we’ll fit and place the crown, ensuring the perfect fit

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